All classified ads and transactions on must comply with the Classified Ad Guidelines. Sellers and buyers are responsible for all aspects of transactions in which they participate. Furthermore, sellers and buyers are responsible for reviewing and complying with any applicable laws, regulations, or restrictions for the city, county, state, region, and country in which both the buyer and seller reside. This includes laws, regulations, or restrictions on items and services, and the method of sale or exchange in which buyers and sellers participate on

Rules for selling and buying on

  • You must list your items or services in the most appropriate category. Furthermore, each item or service can only be listed in one category.
  • You are not permitted to link to, display, or advertise (through the use of email addresses, URLs, images, or any other contact information) goods or services for which you are not posting on
  • You may not include any content or images in your classified ad that are obscene, offensive, harmful to minors, an invasion of privacy, or otherwise inappropriate.
  • You may not offer any item for sale that is not in your possession, you do not have the right to sell, or that does not exist at the time of the classified ad.
  • You are not permitted to send unsolicited email or messages to or any members of
  • Adult-oriented products or services are not appropriate for and will be removed. You may not use or manipulate this service for any fraudulent activity or purpose.
  • You may not disrupt operations or service. This includes the use of any automated routines used to gather or generate information via our web site, or any other repetitive action that may degrade the performance of our systems.
  • You may not charge any credit card “surcharges” or any other charges not revealed to the buyer prior to the close of transaction.
  • Circumventing fees and payments is prohibited.
  • You must complete any transaction upon which final terms have been agreed. Likewise, buyers should not make offers or accept an asking price on classifieds for which they do not intend to complete a transaction.
  • Feedback left for another member with whom a transaction has been completed may not be profane or threatening in nature, nor should it pertain to any other matter other than the other member’s participation and actions in a transaction.
  • Your classified ad must be in English, however it may contain words in another language, if necessary, in order to describe the item or service for sale.

Offensive Material
Classifieds that promote hatred, violence, racism, or intolerance are not permitted on Adult or erotic content, product or services are not permitted to be advertised on

Under this policy, may, at its sole discretion, remove classifieds and optionally refund any appropriate fees when the item, description, or service graphically portrays adult content, violence or victims of violence, and lacks social or artistic value.

URLs, Links, and Contact Information permits sellers to reference any number of URLs (or links) that provide further information about an item or service for sale. However, does not allow links that:

  • reference obscene, offensive, or inappropriate material
  • attempt to circumvent fees and usage of our site
  • reference a competitor of

In addition, we recommend against the exchange of contact information (such as an email address, telephone number, or mailing address) until terms have been agreed upon.

Inappropriate words, profanity or URLs are not permitted:

  • within an ad’s title, description, or images
  • as part of a sign-in name

Classifieds that fail to follow these guidelines will be removed. Failure to follow classified ad guidelines may result in permanent suspension of your account.

Spamming does not tolerate spamming. This includes solicitation of members by any means via our website. In addition, URLs and email addresses (for example, Ad Links or corporate emails) are not permitted in any mass marketing or unsolicited commercial email campaigns. will take action if it is clear a member has participated in spamming. Where state and/or federal laws have been violated, we reserve the right pursue legal action.

Keyword Spamming does not allow the superfluous use of keywords or phrases in classifieds. Keywords that do not add substantive value to the description of the classified ad, or those that are repeated multiple times, are considered superfluous. This includes referencing brand names which have no relation to the classified ad.

Portal Classifieds
Classifieds whose primary purpose is to direct buyers to another website, store, or business are not allowed in categories unless specified. Portal classifieds may be re-categorized or disabled.

Inappropriate Classifieds may at any time re-categorize, disable, or suspend classifieds which contain inappropriate material in the ad title, description, or image(s). If your classified ad is re-categorized, disabled, or suspended, you will be notified by email.

Non-binding negotiations
According to U.S. laws and regulations, classifieds for actual property or real businesses are not legally binding offers to sell property or companies. We permit classifieds describing real estate and businesses for sale that serve as advertisements to attract potential buyers, informing them of an opportunity to conduct a transaction outside of At the close of a classified ad, the seller should contact the buyer to discuss entering into a contract for the actual property or business.

Right to terminate and suspend, at its sole discretion, may modify, suspend, or delete any classified ad or membership immediately, and without notice, if we believe that you have not acted in compliance with the Classified Ad Guidelines.

Restricted Language prohibits the use of language that is vulgar, racist, hateful, overtly sexual, or obscene in nature in public display on We may permit certain classifieds that contain profane words as part of a title, domain, or product name if it is a proper name or otherwise appropriate within context. However, these words may only be permitted within certain categories, or when displayed with asterisks (or similar substituted characters) in an effort to censor profane words.

Items that are prohibited by
It is the responsibility of both the seller and the buyer to ensure that transactions completed on are for items and services that are appropriate for sale under all applicable laws and regulations. reserves the right, but has no obligation, to refuse, reject or remove any classified ad at our sole discretion.

There are some things that you may not list or sell on These include:

  • Adult content or services
  • Illegal firearms and ammunition
  • Fireworks and explosives
  • Government IDs and police items
  • Hacking and illegal surveillance equipment
  • Hazardous goods
  • Illegal counterfeit goods
  • Human parts, body fluids, and human remains
  • Illegal drugs
  • Non-transferable contracts
  • Recalled goods
  • Stocks, bonds, and securities
  • Stolen goods
  • The sale of alcohol to persons not of lawful age
  • The sale of cigarettes to persons not of lawful age
  • The sale of event tickets that defy state & regional regulations

Should receive an official and lawful notification from a trademark holder, or their legal representative, that your ad infringes intellectual property rights, is under no obligation to provide a refund upon suspension. Should you successfully file a counter-claim with, you will be given a refund for your listing fee and any purchased promotions and will be allowed to re-post your ad.

Sellers may not present items or services prohibited for sale on such as gifts, prizes or giveaways in connection with a classified ad. may choose to revise these guidelines at any time.

Wholesale Lists and Matrix Schemes does not allow ads which sell information that may be linked to potentially fraudulent activities such as:

  • pyramid schemes
  • ponzi schemes
  • matrix schemes

Often these ads sell information in the form of a book, e-book, or PDF file. This restriction applies to so-called “wholesale lists”, which often claim to provide the buyer with almost-free products, usually by encouraging the buyer to either: misrepresent themselves to other companies, or to join online matrix schemes.

We feel that a majority of these ads employ unrealistic claims, create confusion in our marketplace, and generally yield an unsatisfactory buyer experience.

Photographs and Pictures
Your ad photos should never confuse buyers, and should accurately represent the item you are selling. In addition, you should use your own images whenever possible, not someone else’s. We recommend that you take digital photos of what you are selling and use these in your ad.

Be upfront about the nature of the goods you are selling, and make sure your classified ad title, description, and images are not confusing to buyers. reserves the right to modify any listing to more accurately represent what is being sold, and may suspend an ad at our sole discretion.